The jewelry made by Le Sibille is of enchanting beauty and absolute savoir faire, authentic artworks of high Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Le Sibille operates in a beautiful laboratory-showroom in the heart of Rome combining myth, art, history and design.  Here they create jewelry of extraordinary beauty and elegance using a technique which combines modern design with the highest stylistic standards.

Each piece of jewelry created by Le Sibille is unique and exclusive, made through a meticulous process of combining and assembling tiny tiles.

Thanks to the extraordinary ability of Francesca Neri Serneri, Camilla Bronzini and Antonella Perugini, the creative souls of Le Sibille, unique jewelry comes to life, each piece telling the story of a true work of art.

Francesca, Camilla and Antonella bring to Le Sibille different experiences matured through a shared passion for research and the study of the goldsmith's art of the past. They form a team of individuals each with profound professional capacity, specializing in mutually supporting complementary sectors.

The founders of the brand have the extraordinary artistic and goldsmith ability to assemble jewels of sublime quality, perfectly balanced to create jewelry whose complexity vanishes in an impression of movement, lightness and uniqueness.

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